A la Rose

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. This is your personal project portal and here I’ll be sharing details regarding the transformation of your space. While this portal can be view in mobiles, I strongly suggest to use a desktop for a better experience.

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Your Conceptual Presentation

For A la Rose company I created a fun but functional space infused with elegance. I’ve curated every detail that will soon be decorating both living and dining room areas.

(Disclaimer: These renderings were created to give you a better sense of the space with elements that are a close representation of the accessories and furniture presented in the PDF that was previously sent by email. Please do reference to this PDF for a better understanding of each element.)

Review: The entryway or reception of A La Rose will now house a green wall with the sign of the brand. A vintage inspired chair creates the perfect opportunity for a “selfie”. Mirrors inside the arches make this area look larger and brighter. A tv will serve as the perfect spot to announce upcoming events, offers and also to share the latest arrangements or social shares from clients.

The storage area will now be hidden behind a faux wall. By creating this wall we now have more space for various storage units along this wall and the wall to the left of the garage door.

The packing zone I’m using 5 tables with underneath storage (for big boxes), and shelving on the walls for smaller boxes. On one side of the wall there will be pegboards with space for storing ribbons and also a paper roll cutter.

Take your time to review the concept and provide any information and feedback. Once I have your selected picks and approval of the “Conceptual Presentation”, I’ll be sending your “Final Design” and “Shopping List”.

Virtual Walkthrough

Click throughout the space to get a better sense of this room. Reminder that this will change once the final selection of accessories have been chosen.

Overview of the project

The following design board depicts the accessories and furniture pieces that will bring this space to life. Each piece will play an important role in your space and has been carefully selected to go along the main concept.

Below you will also find an overview of the specific areas each divided by faux walls. These divisions, besides defining each work zone, will help in bringing privacy and in concealing the storage room.

A La Rose Commercial Design by G. Lebron Interiors Overview

Shopping List for Living/ Dining Room

Please find below all the items that were approved base on the designed space. Each photo has a direct link to the item (click over the name), measurements or color and assigned area.

Please keep in mind that many of these items could be on sale and/or with low stock quantities. If after 30 days (starting from October 6, 2020)  proposed items become backordered or no longer available. I will gladly source alternative options but an hourly charge will be assessed. G. Lebron Interiors is not responsible for the delivery, condition or warranties of any of the products listed here.

Final coordination and payment of services for wallpaper installation, wall treatment installation and window treatments will be responsibility of the client.

Item: Glass Chandelier

Area: Entryway (if needed)

Size/Color: One size

Quantity: 1

Item: Long Entryway Mirror

Area: Entryway

Size/Color: One Size

Quantity: 1

Item: Ceiling Panels

Area: Ceiling Throughout

Size/Color: Select between Stratford or Convex Styles

Quantity: To be confirmed by contractor

Item: Wallpaper 

Area: Wall to the right of the garage door

Size/Color: Customizable, double check final wall measurement before ordering.

Quantity: 1

Item: Svalnaes wall mounted storage

Area: Longest wall

Size/Color: One size (76″ x 13 3/4″ x 69 1/4″)

Quantity: 3 modules

Item: IVAR 2 Section Shelving Unit

Area:Longest wall

Size/Color: One size (68 1/2″ x19 5/8″ x 89″)

Quantity: 4

Item: Desk Chair

Area: Office Zone

Size/Color: Gray

Quantity: 4

Item: Verona Desk

Area: Office Zone (If needed)

Size/Color: Cream

Quantity: 1

Item: Nesting Coffee Tables

Area: Next to the garage door (sitting zone)

Size/Color: One Size, Gold

Quantity: 1

Item: Rug

Area: Next to the garage door (sitting zone)

Size/Color: 5’3″ x 7′, Charcoal

Quantity: 1

Item: Tiphaine Extendable Dining Table

Area: Office Zone

Size/Color: 30″ H x 90″ L x 44″ W

Quantity: 2

Item: Stylewell Unfinished Dining Table

Area: Packing and Prep Zones

Size/Color: 68 in. L x 29.75 in. H)

Quantity: 2

Item: Lark Manor Bench

Area: Packing and Prep Zones

Size/Color: One Size/ Color

Quantity: s

Item: Rattan Baskets

Area: For storage under packing and prep tables

Size/Color: One Size

Quantity: As many as needed

Item: 3 Drawer Cart

Area: Under Packing and Prep Tables

Size/Color: One Size

Quantity: 4

Item: Utility Cart

Area: For printer

Size/Color: One Size

Quantity: 1

Item: Progress Lighting Equinox Globe

Area: Above the Packing and Prep Zones

Size/Color: Brushed Nickel

Quantity: 4

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