About G. Lebron Interiors

Simple, organic and curated are just some of the words that we can use to describe Gloribell’s approach to interior design. After finishing Interior Design school (and while still working as a graphic designer), she decided it was time to start a new venture. Now with more than 7 years of experience in the arts of transforming spaces, Gloribell hasn’t stopped looking for new ways to cultivate a comforting atmosphere in all her projects.

While trends may come and go, having a home that reflects your style is G. Lebron Interiors top priority. Looking for ways to take advantage of the existing square footage of your home might sometimes feel impossible to achieve. Gloribell will develop a thorough plan with solutions to make sense of the functionality of your home.

Gloribell was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico; a unique island surrounded by the warm waters of the Caribbean. Her style has been influenced by her culture and also by her Spaniards ancestors when it comes to architectural details. A modern approach to spaces and their functionality is the ideal mix when it comes to homes designed by G. Lebron Interiors.