For more happy laundry days

The laundry has been one of those neglected areas in the house historically . We got used to the idea of placing it in a dark corner, basement or garage. This can sometimes work against some of the washers and dryers out there and affect their functionality. Let’s not deny the fact that if we invested in this room, there would be more happy laundry days!

Exhibit A

This laundry used to reside in a garage. The musty atmosphere here was intolerable, specially during the hot and humid summer days. Once the kitchen of this house was relocated, it left a window of opportunities for the new laundry room.

Keeping the budget healthy

When this laundry was designed, the existing water pipes from the kitchen were taken into consideration. This helped in keeping the project within the budget. It also allowed for a new folding area to be incorporated. A laundry sink was also included in this room which was truly needed. The good thing about the specified laundry sink was its depth. The Kohler Park Falls besides been built in enamel cast iron, provided room to even wash a small dog.  To elevate the look of this area, the Delta Pull Down Trinsic Faucet was installed.

Another nice feature of this room was the tiled wall. Because there was an intentional neutral palette assigned to this room, a Baroque style mosaic tile was installed. Because it was such a small wall,  we elevated the room’s height by installing the tile up to the ceiling.

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Arches over arches

The transition from the kitchen to the laundry room of this house was made through a beautiful arched walkthrough. Because of this, the doors of this new happy laundry area were designed to emulate the sumptuous curves of the arches. A textural element was introduced by using cane weaving on the face of these doors.

More textures

While not all textures are created equal, nowadays visual ones are a great way to add interest in a space. This wallpaper from from Walls Republic brought a fresh  tropical breeze into this room.

I can now guaranteed that weekends in this room will be hectic. Mission “for more happy laundry days” is now accomplished!

Gloribell Lebron is an interior designer living in Miami. Her interior design vision has a comfort vibe and an organic approach to space.

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