Outdoor Wine Tasting Room 1a

Outdoor Wine Tasting Lounge 

As a wine snob I can tell you that a designated area for the pure enjoyment of a good glass  of wine is a basic necessity nowadays. The pleasure of opening a good vintage has to go hand in hand with the place. The long lasting memory of a particular taste is always tied in with the location and the company in that precise moment. Because we are fast moving into the spring/summer season, today I’m sharing an outdoor wine tasting lounge that can be mixed up  for those red, white or rosé wine lovers.   

The vigorous red vino

For those who find joy in a strong and pronounced Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux Blend, an outdoor wine tasting lounge will benefit from the use of dark finishes and woodsy materials. The flooring of this space is Revel Woods’ “Ambassador” hardwood floor. This rich color adds a level of interest to this sophisticated atmosphere. 

Outdoor Wine Tasting Room 1a

Rendering created in eDesign Tribe Platform.

One of the most important parts of this room is the inclusion of a Plum wine dispenser. The integrated feature of this appliance makes it ideal for this outdoor wine tasting lounge. Each unit allows you to store two bottles of wine and preserve its freshness for up to 90 days. Next time we have guests in this space, we can offer them 4 different wines without having to worry about any leftover. Talk about making first time impressions!

To balance off the rich darks of this room, armchairs in a soft sand and light blue colors have been included. Not only does the rug used here ties in the design, but it also shares a similar palette. At the end, this unique outdoor wine tasting room breathes comfort, elegance and of course,  a bit of sensuality.

Take a look around the space:

Inspired by  the rendering:



The freshness of White Wine

With some White Wines having notes of fresh flowers and fragrant fruits, a more relaxed and cooler atmosphere is ideal for this outdoor wine tasting lounge. I’ve created this design board to be used as a guide for furniture pieces and finishes for those white wine aficionados. 

Design Concept Outdoor Wine Tasting Lounge White

Shop this White Wine look:

Rosé for him & her

Don’t let its color or the name fool you! Commonly cherished by the female population, Rosé can sometimes resembles the flavors of some light red wines. Just like its brisk fermentation process, its bright and crisp wine notes has inspired this airy design board.


Design Concept Outdoor Wine Tasting Lounge Rose

Shop this Rosé look:

Just like wines, choosing the perfect furniture pieces and accessories for your space is a very personal thing. I hope this guide I’ve created can give you a head start to build your own outdoor wine tasting lounge. Cheers!

Gloribell Lebron is an interior designer living in Miami. Her interior design vision has a comfort vibe and an organic approach to space.


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