Plum Wine will elevate your home office game

Ever since we’ve been spending more times in our homes, many  people have been looking for creative ways to entertain indoors. Some find comfort in cooking while  others in meditation. But a couple of us truly enjoy the art of enjoying a good glass of wine. 

In our home we’re wine aficionados and I recently discovered Plum Wine through a fun and very educational Zoom meeting along other design professionals. In this event we got the opportunity to learn much more about all the advantages of this home system and met their “Plum Wine Heroes Design Council”. This exclusive group of members will provide their insight in all design infused trends. They’re also predicting that Plum Wine will get to be one of the most requested home products in 2021.

What is Plum Wine

Plum Wine is a very innovating wine dispenser and preservation system that can live on its own (free standing) over a counter or integrated in the kitchen cabinets with a very modern trim kit (available in both black and stainless steel). With these options, the possibilities of where you can take your wine, are almost endless. 

This wine dispenser houses 2 bottles of wines at the same time, which means that while you  enjoy your white wine, your better half can enjoy his/hers reds. The stored wine lasts up to 90 days (but I wonder who would wait so long to finish up a bottle) and each chamber uses the correct temperature of the wine it stores. And while not all wines are made equal, even some reds will require different temperatures when it comes to preservation. 

One of the  many amazing features Plum Wine offers is the ability to read the label of the wine it stores per chamber. This comes very handy when trying to impress your guest with additional wine information (region, year and specific facts) but also allows you to get to know your bottle better. This electronic reading will also advice you on how many glasses of wine are left in your bottle. With a  simple touchscreen you are just seconds away from a 1oz or 5 oz pour depending on your day!

The home office Plum Wine experience

While most of us are still (and will probably be for awhile) working from home, a home office redesign in order. And integrating a Plum Wine for those long after-hours work days is ideal. A modern home office normally an adaptations of that unused room and one thing that most of them have in common is lack of functional space. I’ve came up with what I’ve envision (and want) our home office to look like in a near future. Here I’m making the most out of the existing den space while still keeping its standard functionality and incorporating a  relaxing zones (aka “The Plum Wine Pour Spot”). Take note on some of the features of this home office and feel free to adapt it to your own needs. Remember you can always consult G. Lebron Interiors through the virtual design services. 

Gloribell Lebron is an interior designer living in Miami. Her interior design vision has a comfort vibe and an organic approach to space.

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