Things that make sense in our design studio

Interior design studios need a lot of space for samples, brainstorming time, preparing concept boards, and more samples. Today I’m sharing some things that make sense in G. Lebron Interiors studio.

Beverage station

Whether it’s for guests, clients, or colleagues, this area is ideal and needed for storing beverages of all sorts. From sparkling water to rosé, the beauty of the Zephyr  “Single Zone Beverage Cooler” is that it allows space for all kinds of bottles. With a Retractable Gray Glass Quarter-Shelf, storing taller bottles is a breeze. This cooler’s other outstanding features are its capacity (7 bottles, 112 12oz cans) and the 3-Color LED Lighting (in Cloud White, Deep Blue, and Amber. This whole area is (along with the Plum Wine) a conversation starter and our favorite after-hours spot!

Sample drawer

It is a must when storing valuable tile samples. These drawers dividers can be repositioned when needed depending on the size of the tiles.

Pull-out shelf

This shelf makes replacing paper in the copy machine an easy job. Everything is easy to access, and we even left some space left for storing reams of paper.

All and all, we tried to make this home design studio as comfortable as possible but, above all, very functional. Check the video below for more ideas on how we took advantage of every inch available in this space!


Gloribell Lebron is an interior designer living in Miami. Her interior design vision has a comfort vibe and an organic approach to space.

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