One Room Challenge Fall/Winter 2021 Week 1

Today I can finally share the big news that I’ve holding up for so many weeks. I recently shared on some of my social media channels about my participation as one of the feature designers of the One Room Challenge. But what none of you know (except, of course my husband) is the room that I’ll be designing for this fall/winter 2021 ORC. Life and work and all that’s in between, hasn’t allow me to work in a detailed plan for this space. But I think all I needed to get started was a real deadline. So I couldn’t pass on this amazing opportunity to finally put my mind and creativity into the master bedroom.

So now that we all know the room that I’ll be designing, let’s dive into some of the details and the vision that I have for this master bedroom.

It’s all about the bass

But not the type of bass from Ms. Trainor’s famous song. Here I’m looking into the bass tones in music. Think about the deep voice of Barry White or Marshall Sewell from the Edsels. Very much like in music, here I’m venturing to achieve a deep feeling of relaxation mixed with a heavy dose of textural convergence resulting in a soulful state of luxury that speaks to the senses.

While this room has gone through some moments of sprucing in the past, with this new design plan I’m looking to elevate its style while also including some customized elements.

Dining photo from Caprini Pellerin Architects, Photographer, Thomas de Bruyne. Photo of Barry White: Photograph: GAB Archive/Redferns

Small but with character

This room’s modest size (almost a perfect 12’x 12’ square) comes with the challenge of making it feel more ample. Nevertheless each fabric selection, furniture piece and colors will play an important role into achieving this task. For this room I’m planning to add a textural wallpaper that will complement the amazing fabric that you already saw above, but modern details in fixtures and hardware are also on the master plan.

While every little detail and idea takes time, we already started working on replacing the windows of this and other rooms to get that situation out of the way. I will soon start sharing all the processes week by week here in this blog, but also in my social media channels (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). So make sure to follow me in all those but also, don’t forget to take a look at the amazing lineup of designers and creatives for this Fall/Winter One Room Challenge.


Gloribell Lebron is an interior designer living in Miami. Her interior design vision has a comfort vibe and an organic approach to space.

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