One Room Challenge Fall 2021 Flat Lay

One Room Challenge Fall/Winter 2021 Week 5

This is it, just 3 weeks left of the One Room Challenge’s big reveal! This week I can finally say that things are starting to look amazing. We’ve been able to do so much during the past week, that it feels like a dream. Slowly but surely my vision is coming to life!

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Mouldings are up

One of my favorite parts when I designed this room was having the opportunity to add an architectural interest. I did so by adding the “Sawtooth” crown moulding by Ornamental Decorative Millwork (part of the NOVO Building Products family) to the ceiling in this master bedroom. This detail added such a delicate and interesting dimension to the room. Fun fact: I wanted a very minimalist detail here and chose this crown moulding. Now that these were install, I noticed that the frames of some of the original doors in our 1938 home look so much the same as these new mouldings. It is incredible!

One Room Challenge Fall 2021 Ornamental Millwork

We (my husband and I {but really, mostly my husband}) ventured into installing these mouldings by ourselves. Because this was our first time installing crown moulding, this task took us a little while because of the joint of the angles. But I’m happy to report that we (my husband) tackle this flawlessly! We upgraded and elevated the room’s look by a tenfold by just adding these crown mouldings from Ornamental Decorative Millwork. They truly have a great variety of beautiful architectural details for different decorative styles. 

Paint was next

The beauty about the “Sawtooth” crown moulding is that they came already primed. So after patching the nails we used for this installation, we were ready for paint. Kelly Moore Paints, (who are one of the amazing sponsors for the One Room Challenge) were kind enough to send me their main fandeck and the new “Historic Color Set” with a range of earthy timeless color (to die for!). 

One Room Challenge Fall 2021 Kelly Moore Paints

After making my final decision for the ceiling color (I chose “Sophistication” in Acryplex in Flat), we started applying the paint with a handheld paint sprayer. Because of the great coverage of this Kelly Moore Paints, it took us no time to finish painting both the ceiling and crown mouldings. Designer’s Tip: Always use a flat base paint for the ceiling because it doesn’t reflect light and this helps in concealing any imperfections that this area might have.

Now it’s time for the walls

Wallpaper was next and let me tell you, this was a game changer! I love how the room now looks so cohesive, even without any furniture. The Deptford in Mist 02 from S. Harris (part of the amazing brands under Fabricut’s umbrella) completely transformed this room’s look by adding an intentional layer of texture. This wallpaper complemented the desire concept of this room and will pair beautiful with the rest of the finishes and accessories. Let me tell you, it was so amazing, even my husband spend some time looking around and taking it all in.

One Room Challenge Fall 2021 S. Harris Fabricut Wallpaper

What’s next

We are having a set of roman shades install tomorrow and I can’t wait to show you those. Also, we’re waiting on a custom headboard which I know you wouldn’t want to miss. To keep up with all these updates and more, let’s connect through my social media channels InstagramFacebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to check the other amazing participants below sharing their room’s updates.


Gloribell Lebron is an interior designer living in Miami. Her interior design vision has a comfort vibe and an organic approach to space.

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